Worship my feet with your Soul| Foot worship can revert Suicide

It was summer, a weekend of no plans. I could hear a lot of movement outside, near the entrance to my apartment building, it had been going on throughout breakfast. I checked outside and it was a new tenant, I thought little of it, until I went out to get the post, which is when I first saw the new guy moving in and realised he would be my new neighbour above me.

‘Hey are you door 2?’ Yeah, I answered, ‘cool I’m moving into the flat above you at 4. I’m Tyler’
‘Oh hi, I’m Josh’ It might have been the fact I hadn’t seen another person socially for days now, due to work, but Tyler had long ridiculously soft looking, styled hair, a clean fresh face, piercing green eyes, he wore a wide neck T-shirt which I couldn’t help but noticed revealed the top of some firm pecks. Denim shorts, but what really caught my eye, some bright orange flip flops along with a very cute black and silver toe ring. He….was…. Hot!
I think I probably stared way too long, as I’m sure the pause was noticeable, quickly shaking myself and reliving my slight panic of being caught ‘so need any help?’ I quickly say,
‘are you sure, I don’t want to put you out or anything’ said in a tone of innocence,  ‘Na I’ve no plans, so I’d just be bored anyway’ ‘oh well yeah great thanks, all the boxes are upstairs now anyway, just unpacking really’.

We’re heading upstairs, I’m behind him and I just can’t stop glancing to check out his feet, I mean the bright orange flip flops scream ‘LOOK HERE NOW!’ but that adorable toe ring seems to whisper ‘kiss me’ to the right person of course.
His toenails look accumulate as well, I’m very tempted to ask if he gets them pedicured… but I don’t  have it in me to ask. His heels look so smooth, soft with a hint of dirt.
We get into his flat, a sofa and boxes are in the front room, the walls have already been painted, the floor is varnished a mahogany colour except from being rather dirty it is in good condition. Just as I’m thinking that ‘I think I wanna just keep the floor boards like this, too nice to carpet over’
Yeah I agree, I say.

We start moving Tyler’s stuff in labelled boxes into certain rooms.
‘SHIT!’ What’s wrong? I ask ‘ I haven’t got a ladder so I can reach to put pictures up and hang curtains’
I notice there are some picture hooks and curtain rails that have been left up in the flat, suddenly a sharp impulse of desire runs through me and I blurt out ‘you can use me’
slightly puzzled Tyler asks  ‘what… use you? How?’
‘Err yeah, I mean, I could give you a boost up to hang things up’
‘…OK well if you’re sure hahaha’.

In the living room, I get down on all fours by the wall, without any hesitation he confidently steps up onto me as if in that moment I am no longer a person. Casually he moves up my back, I can feel his weight in my knees against the hard floor, which is made much more uncomfortable due to the grit and dirt of the floor being pressed into them as well as the palms of my hands as a result of my own suggestion.

Coolly he uses my forehead to knock off his flip flops, which fall flat directly beneath my face. Slightly worn with a faint outline of dirt from his soft feet. I can feel him turn to the wall in the centre of my spine, I feel his toes curl into my body, his weight shifts a little as he hangs a picture. He turns and takes a step so that now both his feet are on my shoulders. With his toes hanging over them either side of my face, I can see that toe ring out of the corner of my eye, the pink pads of his toes marked slightly by general dirt.
My body shakes a little from the pressure of him standing there on me. I swear I hear him giggle to himself slightly, having someone he just met beneath his feet like this.

He wiggles his toes almost teasingly ‘Can you lower yourself all the way down please’
slowly I do this, until my face is now pressing against the insoles of his flip flops, smelling slightly of sweat and rubber and what I am sure is vanilla or coconut moisturiser. Suddenly he steps onto the back of my head squashing my face firmly into his dirty flip flops, their smell is forced into my nose and face, I make a shocked muffled noise, which I feel more degraded about as making this noise forces me to practically kiss the flip flops for a moment.

‘Can you pass my flip flops up?’ he asks, obviously not paying any attention to where he is standing, still crushing my face into his flip flops.
I grunt again, and he looks down ‘Oh sorry’ he steps onto my back, I gasp for air, thinking ‘sorry for standing on my head or sorry you trapped your flip flops while crushing my face?!?’

‘I didn’t realise I was so far…. I don’t wanna get my feet dirty on this floor but I like being barefoot’
‘Oh’ is all I say in disbelief. ‘My flip flops?’
I pass his flip flops back towards him, but I can only place them as far as the back of my head. The moment I release them he steps into his flip flops, again now crushing my face against the dirty hard floor, he takes his time, I can feel him wiggle his toes in then wiggle them again in comfort whilst crushing my face, I think that my nose will break soon, I grunt ‘Get Off!’ the best I can, casually he does. Sarcastically saying ‘You’re the one that said USE YOU’.

I didn’t know what to say really, somehow, I found this arrogance, this disregard for me, a turn on!
He moves away to pick up the curtains and looks at them for a few moments, then comes closer to me ‘Now can I use you to put up these up or not?’
I sigh, trying to seem that I don’t want this as much as I actually do ‘OK, come on then’
I’m still lying flat as he walks back to me holding the curtains, I move into the position and lie down while he unfolds the curtains, he then steps on my back as I’m lying down ‘up’
puzzled I ask ‘what?’
‘Go on all fours I need to be higher’
‘Can’t you ge-‘
‘I’m here now, UP!’

I push my hand into the floor slowly rising my knees into a pushing position, it is hugely difficult, like the world’s hardest push-up! But I don’t want the embarrassment of collapsing in failure, So I keep pushing, despite the building pain in my arms and knees, I can feel him even slightly tapping his soft flip-flopped foot against my back, as if he is waiting impatiently for a slow elevator, finally with a final push, now sweating, I am on all fours, almost instantly he uses my forehead to knock off his flip flops again, his smooth cream like heel rubs across my head as he does this.

Moving around on my body while attaching the curtains. ‘Move to the left’ he says while gently tapping my head with his heel and laughing, making me feel very much below him in every sense.
I move slowly and juddering in the direction he wants, with gritty pain in both my hands and knees.
Luckily there is a box at this end, which I rest my head on.

‘Oh, that’s more length for me, good idea!’ Tyler beams as he steps onto my the side of my head, my eye stings slightly as his little toe is now partially on my eye! His toes wiggle, which doesn’t help me, but I feel very turned on now, his other foot covers my cheek and mouth, his foot is slightly dirty still, although I bet some has come off onto my clothes, his arch is perfectly positioned over my mouth and looks so innocent, I stick out my tongue slowly and with the tip give it a little lick, hoping he won’t have felt that, it tastes a bit salty but I can taste definite coconut. ‘Haha good boy’.

I’m not sure if I have been caught or I’m being commended for my job as a ladder.
His toes dangle from my head and wiggle then he shifts his weight, he moves onto my back again.
‘Right, go down’ I slump down as genitally as I can.

I reach for his flip flops placing them at the side of my head this time. I see his soft feet slip into them quickly, I am captivated by them, tanned on top but creamy and slightly pink on the soles, his toes are facing me, that toe ring looking soo cute, I realise I’m staring, by now he is ready to put the other curtain up. This time he stands on me kicking his flip flops off right away, I try pushing up again… but I give way, being put off balance Tyler has to quickly step off onto the floor.

Lifting his foot ‘Oh for fuck sake Josh, look at my feet now all covered in crap!’
He has his foot right in my face, I can’t take my eyes off them, really they are only a bit more dirty than they already were, but I would love to see them clean, in fact I’m desperate to see them clean.
‘Sorry’ I mutter,
‘Yeah but sorry doesn’t get them clean’
he notices me memorised…. ‘Lick them clean’
I shake my head to jolt myself and look up to him grinning ‘Wha-‘
‘Yeah, you said USE YOU, it’s your fault my feet are now dirty, so use your tongue and clean this crap off my feet’
He shoves my shoulder with his foot so I’m on my back, steps up on my chest, his perfect heel balancing on my chin with his foot slightly raised ‘I’m not moving until you swallow every bit of this dirt’
I gulp, stare at his foot, ‘Is he serious?’ I think, glance to him ‘he is’ then look back at his foot, slowly I stick out my tongue and begin to lick his soft feet but with a layer of dry bitter grit and grime, it tastes foul at first but there’s a tinge of coconut moisturiser and I focus on that, along with the idea of seeing these feet clean.
I begin to lap the filth away and Tyler laughs a little with a tone of surprising triumph ‘Hahahaha that’s right, good foot boy’.

I get between each toe sucking them individually, caressing them with my tongue like they are the nicest things I have ever had in my mouth, If I’m honest, they could be! I even run my tongue under his pedicured nails, making sure each speck of dirt is gone, kissing each toe as a mark of finish.
I use the length of my tongue to get his soles clean, I want this dirt gone as soon as I can, even though it is making my throat so dry, it takes me 30 minutes to clean one foot completely, it is dripping with my saliva. The sight of this clean soft sensitive foot makes me instantly hard, but then the other foot is shoved into my face just as quick and I clean it just as I had the other foot. Just before I think my task is done.
‘well I can’t go anywhere can I when my flip flops are dirty’ pointing at them.

I groan a little and not thinking ‘well can I be in a more comfortable position, you’ve been standing on my chest for at least a hour now’ I croak.
‘Well what position do you want?’
‘You could sit, then rest your feet on me instead’
….’sit on the sofa you mean?’
‘yes’ I say tiredly
grinning mischievously ‘Are… You … Suuuure?’ he chimes
‘Yes please’
giggling he goes over and sits down, I follow.
It takes me a age to get my tongue between the grooves of his flip flops to get the dirt from the soles of them, he clearly wears them a lot, there is all sorts of grit on the bottom of them including a horrid piece of gum I mistook for a big bit of dirt. Finally, his flip flops covered in a browny saliva mix solution, all the dirt is off and with a few more licks his flip flops are clean.
I’m exhausted, my mouth is dry and tastes of utter shit, I just want to feel those comforting soft clean feet properly….

‘Oh yeah your gonna have to do these again’ lifting his feet to show a new layer of dirt even worse than before due to the saliva covering his feet from walking just to the sofa. I nearly cry but I just clean them
believing this to be my own foolish fault and I’m determined to see these feet clean!
He asks while I’m lapping away at his feet for the second time ‘So you must like feet then?
I mean I noticed your glances are longer than usual down there, But I still wasn’t too sure… that is until you really got cleaning my feet with your tongue hehe’
‘Erm only like certain feet’ I say slightly embarrassed
‘What about mine?’
Tyler places both feet together teasingly in front of my face, I stare and stroke them with my fingers, he giggles at my touch, he’s ticklish.
‘Hmm yes I really like yours’.

‘Aw gotta say it’s the first time I’ve had anyone lick my feet before… I think I could get used to this more often, although today I’ve found I like making you work for them hahaha’ he says as he taps my nose leaving a little toe pad dirt mark there.
‘What do I need to do to get at yours more, especially clean?’ I ask way too desperately.
‘Well, this floor seriously needs cleaning’
‘I’ll get my mop from my place-‘
He stops me with an evil grin ‘Tongue only… You can have my feet as long as you want afterwards’
He rests his perfect soft and controlling feet on my back while again I’m on all fours licking this prince’s floor clean. Looking down at me he smiles
‘I think I’m going to like living here’.

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