Will this Groot pot will make your house more Adorable?

How adorable is this little planter pot?! 

Groot is a one of a kind Planter Pot that is sure to shine and accentuate your beautiful plants.

He is known to be the protectors of Plants and represents the ability to replenish and regenerate any dying plant 🌿

Add this special touch to your tabletop and watch it dazzle your kitchen, windowsill, office or porch 🏠.

  • Limited Edition:When Baby Groot Flowerpot sells out, it will be gone forever! Get a chance to own a Groot item which only a lucky few will have. Makes for an amazing Collectors Item.
  • Just the right size to be displayed anywhere in your office or garden without taking too much space, nor is it too little where the cool details become hard to see. You are able to fit just about any plant or pen in it!
  • Realistic:Carved, textured, detailed, and made with Resin to look like the real Groot!
  • This is a must buy for all Baby Groot character lovers.
  • It can be used to plant large varieties of table top plants like ‘PROVERB CACTI’ or ‘MINI SUCCULENTS’ giving your working space a lively and fresh look. Alternatively it can be used as a pen holder
  • On an aesthetic level , it is a nice recreation and looks cute in any angle that we see it from
  • The planter looks realistic with its expressive eyes.
  • ★About It—A Flowerpot,also can be used as a pencil holder,a fun decoration for the home, garden, patio, office or car and so on.
  • ★Perfect Design— There is a small hole under the flowerpot, so that the water will leak out when used as a flowerpot. When used as a pen holder, the hole design hides on the side, does not affect the appearance
  • ★Long Life— High quality PVC material, not easy to damage, gray color is not easy to dirty, you can collect it forever, if you accidentally broke it, no worries, a little glue can make it immediately restored, the irregular design hide glue traces well
  • ★Best Gift— This is a good gift for anyone ! Kids, Wife ,Colleague,Classmates and so on. Birthday Gifts, Valentine’s Gift,Student Gifts, Christmas Gifts

  • ★DESIGN DETAIL – the bottom of the hollow is more stable, and there is a small hole under the flowerpot, so that the extra water in the flowerpot will leak out in time.
  • ★MULTI FUNCTION- can be used as a flowerpot, also can be used as a pencil holder, can also a decoration.
  • ★ PERFECT GIFT FOR FAMILY & FRIENDS – This is a gift for your family and friends will truly appreciate. A love gift for kids.
  • ★WHAT YOU GET: High quality product and creative life!

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