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Carmelita’s Foot slave Night

It is night time in the city of Paris, France with many of the street lamp lights turned on along with a beautiful full moon in the sky. Normally there would be loads of people of walking around the city streets but not tonight as a lot of the people were inside their homes and were fast asleep.

However there was one person walking through the streets and it was none other than Inspector Carmelita Fox who had her head down looking towards the ground as she was walking slowly on the sides. She let out a sigh as Carmelita looked up at the sky and then continued walking slowly on the side of the streets.

She was coming along a staircase which was led to another person’s house but she just wanted to sit somewhere as she sat down on the second to last step and placed her shock pistol gun on her lap as she placed her hands on the sides of her cheeks.

“Why…why can’t I ever catch him…why,” Carmelita asked herself. “I don’t understand I was so close and then he gets away from me…again.”

Carmelita looked up at the sky again for a good minute as she was lost in thought about Sly Cooper and not catching him. Usually this sort of thing wouldn’t get to her but tonight she wasn’t feeling like herself. After sitting on that second to last step, Carmelita just decided to go home and catch Sly another day but as she stood up she had no idea that she was being watched by none other than Sly Cooper.

“Hmmm so the Inspector is getting depressed because she can’t catch me,” Sly thought in is mind. “Well this is something that has never happened to her before.”

Sly then decided to follow Carmelita home and see if he could do something to get her back in her usual mood. Carmelita made her way around the street corner as she stood under a street light and then continued her walking onwards to her apartment house.

“Maybe if I get a good night sleep I’ll feel better,” Carmelita said to herself.

A few minutes later Carmelita was now walking up the stairs to her house as she went into her pocket and took out a silver key which she used to open her door.

“Good to be home…I guess.”

Carmelita dropped her shock gun not giving a care in the world. She then went straight into her bedroom as she laid face first on her pillow dropping her arms to each side of the edge of her bed and let out a scream in her pillow. Meanwhile outside on the roof, Sly Cooper looked down through her window as she let out her scream.

Carmelita then lifted up her head as she went into the bathroom to take a nice long shower and forget about tonight. As she was taking her shower, Sly snuck into her room without making a sound and hid under her bed.

“I’ll just wait here until Carmelita comes out,” Sly thought.

A few minutes later Carmelita came out from the bathroom wearing a red bathroom robe that went down to her ankles, red slippers, and a red towel wrapped around her top head covering her wet hair. Once Carmelita sat down on the side of her bed she slipped off her slippers revealing her bare feet with three toes and red toenails. She then removed her towel from her head as she just tossed it on the floor.

Carmelita then turned over on her bed so now she would be looking up at the ceiling as she let out another sigh. She then lifted up her sheets and pulled it over her body so now the sheets were covering her entire body expect for her head and nice.

“Maybe a…good night sleeps with help me forget tonight.”

And a few minutes later Carmelita fell asleep on the bed which made this a good opportunity for Sly to crawl out from under her bed. Now he was staring down at the sleepy Inspector Fox and was thinking.

“Hmmmm there has to be something I can do for the Inspector but what?” Sly asked himself as he rubbed his chin until he got the answer. “Hmmm I think that just might work and best of all I’ll enjoy it myself.”

Sly walked quietly over to Carmelita’s bathroom and then came back out a few seconds later with a small bottle of pink lotion. “Who knew she’d liked using lotion,” Sly thought smiling. He then sat down close to Carmelita’s bed as he lifted her sheets up looking at her bare soles. He then got onto her bed, lifted the sheets up, placed the sheets on Carmelita’s legs, and placed her feet on his lap while she slept.

Next Sly slipped off his blue gloves as he poured some of the lotion onto his hands and rubbed them together as he placed his hands on Carmelita’s left foot and started rubbing in between her toes with a smile on his face.

As he was rubbing in between her toes, a smile appeared on Carmelita’s face as she shifted her shoulders a little bit and for the second time Sly saw Inspector Carmelita blush.

“Heh I had a feeling she would be enjoying this even in her sleep.”

“Mmmmmmm…oooooooooh…that’s nice…mmmmmmmmmm.”

Sly continued to rub in between Carmelita’s left foot toes for five minutes and then he moved his hands and fingers down towards the middle of her left foot and started rubbing there but decided to rub a little harder than before. With this feeling Carmelita’s left leg twitched a little bit as she moaned again.

“Ooooooh…that’s the…spot…mmmmmMMMMMMM!”

“My oh my someone really loves this a lot,” Sly thought. “Then again she hasn’t gotten a foot rub in a long time since she’s been chasing me around all the time.” Sly smiled as he continued to rub on the middle of Carmelita’s left foot sole as she continued to moan in her sleep.

Even though Carmelita was feeling her foot getting rubbed she couldn’t wake up in fact she was actually dreaming of her feet getting rubbed as she loved it. Sly rubbed on the middle of her foot for five minutes as he moved over to her right foot and started rubbing her toes but before he could continue Sly needed more lotion.

Even though Sly stopped for a minute, Carmelita started whining like a puppy dog to continue even though she was a fox. Sly chuckled as he placed his lotioned hands on her toes and started rubbing.

“Oh…yeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh…mmmmmmmmmm,” Carmelita murmured. “Get…in between my…toes…please…mmmmmmmMMMMMM!”

“Heh she must be dreaming. Too bad this is really happening for her.”

Sly continued to rub in between her right foot toes and noticed that Carmelita had red nail polish on her toenails. “Well well so the Inspector likes to wear nail polish huh? I had a feeling of it.” The smile on Carmelita’s face seemed to had got wider but instead it had stayed the same along with the blush on her face as well.

For the past ten minutes Sly rubbed in between Carmelita’s right foot toes and on the middle of right foot as well. He was going to stop but he decided he was having fun massaging her feet so he placed both of Carmelita’s feet right back on his laps and just rubbed the middle of her right foot.

She had no more words to murder out and so now all she could was moan and groan. Sly looked at her bed and noticed her tail was sticking out and also noticed that her tail was moving back and forth slowly meaning she loved this so he decided to continue through the night with Carmelita’s lovely moans.

The morning sun rose from the horizon of the city. As soon as the light was shinning through Carmelita’s apartment and onto her eyes she woke up as she lifted herself from her bed and stretched her arms in the air. Carmelita was feeling much better than she was last night and she liked it.

“What a great sleep I had last night,” Carmelita said with a smile. “And that dream that I had felt so real…and yet so good.”

Carmelita then noticed her bare feet sticking out from the end of her bed and also noticed Sly Cooper’s calling card by her left foot along with the long as she picked up his calling card and noticed something written on it.

“I hope you feel a lot better today Carmelita after that rubbing I gave you last night Carmelita. Your friendly thief, Sly Cooper.”

She just looked at the calling card and smiled as Carmelita held it close. She then let out a relaxing sigh as she fell back on her bed while still holding onto the calling card.

“You maybe a criminal Sly but you’re my criminal.”

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